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Mosaic is a Bible believing church in Leicester. 

We want to build a church where everybody is welcomed and accepted, where those who do not know Jesus can ask questions and discover his love for themselves, a church that serves the wider community, cares for the poor and downtrodden and is seen as being a positive influence on the city.

We meet every Sunday at The BRITE Centre at 10.30am. To find our Sunday venue go to Find Us tab.

We are part of Newfrontiers and working in partnership with Catalyst.

Latest Blog: Serving our community

Posted by Scott Else on 23rd November 2016 | Comments: 1 | Read full post

At Mosaic, we have a vision statement that aims to summarise the values that we want to embrace as a people.


One of the key areas that has flowed out of the LOVE PEOPLE part of our vision is seeking to serve our community sacrificially and in ways that make a genuine difference to people.

We have done this through projects, events but also through our commitment to Manor House Community Centre. Seeking to be a genuine expression of being salt and light in our community.

Over the last 2 years we have had many discussions with Leicester City Council about the building and the possibility of taking over the running of the building via CAT (Community Asset Transfer), we have developed what we believe is a very biblical attitude to serving our community here and are excited to see the opportunities that this building would give us to be a blessing to others.

Why I am telling you all this? Well, yesterday I submitted our final business plan for the building and we are now in a waiting process. There are 2 things that this process so far has taught me and I want to seek to apply to this waiting period as well.

Jesus has plan that usually isn't clearly revealed.

Like many children I was told that if I want to see in the dark I needed to eat my carrots. For a child that knew we had lights, who didn't eat vegetables and wasn't scared of the dark, this wasn't much of an incentive and I never made any attempt to eat them (and still don’t).

1 Corinthians says “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.” and often the plan we have to follow can feel like a child/adult stumbling around in the dark wishing they had listened to their parents encouragement, but this is exactly what a faith journey is like. We see dimly, we know in part and we take steps based on what we believe Jesus has said.

We believe that Jesus wants us to have Manor House so we can bless the community outrageously and are taking steps along this faith journey trusting we have heard right.

A journey that has been far longer that I would like, but I have been reminded of something else during this time.

In a time of waiting we seek to serve people

I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine about his church, they were without a leader (before anyone comments, yes they still had Jesus !!) and they felt like they were in a long waiting process. He said it was hard because they felt like they couldn’t get on with anything.

I must confess that I felt quite angry about this, but manged not to show it (I think !!).

I encouraged him that surely they could get on with loving people and loving God, see what happened and use the waiting process positively.

This has been true of the process we have been through with Manor, it would have been easy to wait until it was complete then get on with stuff, but instead we have tried to engage with people, love our community and a make a real difference while we have been waiting.

Whatever the outcome of CAT process, we will continue to serve our community and make a genuine difference.

How are you using the time as you wait for the things you believe that Jesus has spoken to you about?

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