About Us

Mosaic started meeting in Leicester in September 2011.

We believe that God is calling us to build a city impacting and God glorifying Church that will love Leicester and the nations of the earth.

Mosaic is a group of people who have discovered that Jesus loves them and want to live for Him. We want to build a church where everybody is welcomed and accepted, where those who do not know Jesus feel able to ask questions and discover his love for themselves. We also want to build a church that serve the wider community and will be seen as being a positive influence on the city.

Why Mosaic?

Mosaics are made up of tiny, broken bits that are different colours, shapes and sizes. When they are pieced together they form a beautiful picture that none of the stones could create on their own. We are totally convinced this is what the church should be like. We want to draw lots of different people together into a family that’s on a mission.

We want to build a dynamic local church that has passionate worship, reaches out to the lost and hurting in Leicester and real community.

Why not come and be part of the Mosaic?

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